[Lyrics & Translation] supercell – sayonara memories

supercell – sayonara memories

[Goodbye Memories/さよならメモリーズ]

This song will be released on 10/02/2010 so let’s all learn the song by then 😀
You can listen to the song in the soundcloud player —–>

Original lyrics found here.

The original lyrics is fan based and my translations are not accurate. Therefore if you find any mistakes and would like to contribute, please leave a comment! ^___^b

Hope you enjoy the song<3



supercell – sayonara memories

sakura ga saku yo
minareta itsumo no sakamichi ni
ah wakare wo

naite waratta ano hibi
nandaka kinou no koto no you
kono michi wa sou mirai he tsuduku michi
sonna ki ga shitano

reinen yori hayai kaika yosou wo
kimi wa ureshigatteta
watashi wa waratte
soudane -tte itta
ato sukoshi shitara mou koko ni wa
modorenai no ni

kotoba ja umaku ienai omoi wo
kimi ni uchiakeru to shitara nante
saisho de saigo
itsuka issho ni kaetta michi wa
watashi ni totte tokubetsu na omoide
wasurenai yo
sayonara memoriizu

haru ga kitara sorezore no michi wo

mata aeru hi wo negatte
‘sayonara’ chiisaku tsubuyaita
sora wa ano hi to kawarazu aokute
dakara chotto naketa

wazato toomawari shita no
sukoshi demo nagaku
kimi no tonari ni itakute…
watashi wa odokete
‘machigaeta’ tte itta
kimi ga warau sono kao ga
mabushikute me wo sora shita

kotoba ja umaku ienai omoi wo
mune ni daite kono michi wo aruita
ano toki kimi wa
watashi no namae wo yonde kureta
futari yuugure no kaerimichi de
sayonara memoriizu

deaeta koto kansha shiteru

hajimete mita mankai no sakura …
arekara dore kurai
kawaretan darou ?

hitome mita toki ni omottanda
‘kono hito no koto suki ni narisou’ tte
nande ka na?
wakannaiyo..! [<—I LOVE THIS PART!!]
sorekara no mainichi wa totemo tanoshikutte
dakedo onaji kurai ni

gomen ne  nanka umaku ienai yo
dakara watashi kimi to nante iu ka …
ima no mama sayonara shitakunai yo
tomodachi no mama ja
mou iya na no..
ii yo to omotteta
kimi no..
kimi no koto zutto…
… zutto mae kara
suki deshita

ah yatto ieta


supercell – Goodbye Memories

Oh blooming cherry blossoms on this hill road
I have to say goodbye to you.

Those days where we were crying and laughing
Seemed like only yesterday.
It feels like this road we’ve walked on
Is leading towards the future

You were happy that
Every year the blossoms bloomed earlier than expected
I smiled and said ‘it seems like it’.
Just a little while more
And we can’t return to this place anymore

If I were to open my heart to you
And tell you of those indescribable feelings
Would I be able to do it?
For a beginning, there is always an ending.
One day the path we took to go home
Will be a precious memory to me.
I won’t forget you,
Those goodbye memories.

When spring comes, each of these roads…

I prayed for a day where we would meet again
As I silently mumbled ‘Goodbye’.
That day the sky was blue like always
So I cried a little

I purposely took the longer way home
Just to be with you a little bit longer…
I jokingly said ‘Oops, we went the wrong way’
You smiled so radiantly and looked away

I’ll hold those indescribable feelings
Of moments on this road we’ve walked on in my heart
Do you remember that time when you
Called out my name, and
We walked home together in the evening
I won’t forget you,
Those goodbye memories.

I am grateful to have met you

I wonder how much everything had changed
Since we last saw the cherry blossoms in full bloom

I took a glance at you and thought to myself
‘It seems I’ve become to like this person’
But why? I don’t get it at all!
Since then each and every day had been fun
But at the same time it had been painful

I’m sorry I can’t say it any better
But I… about you.. how do I say it…
I can’t say goodbye to you now
I don’t want to stay as just friends
I thought we could back then.
I…you… about you…
Since long ago… I’ve always…
…Liked you.

Ah I’ve finally said it!




24 responses to “[Lyrics & Translation] supercell – sayonara memories

  1. “wakannaiyo..! [<—I LOVE THIS PART!!]"
    Oh god me too, I don't know how many times I've pressed back to hear that part again.

  2. Just when I thought I was over in playing “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” non-stop… supercell had to release another great song.

  3. ^
    same, I’ve played that song for a whole day already and still xD
    errrr.. The song’s so damn good it makes my tears fall out.

    Also, thanks for the lyrics.

  4. hurpdurp :
    “wakannaiyo..! [<—I LOVE THIS PART!!]”
    Oh god me too, I don’t know how many times I’ve pressed back to hear that part again.

    soo trueee!!
    i cry everytime i hear that part T-T

  5. I love the “wakannaiyo..!” part and the last part with the “zutto.. zutto”, and the ending where she drags it longer than usual. XD

    Such an amazing song, I can listen to it the whole day! These songwriters do deserve an award! =D=D

  6. “wakannaiyo..! [<—I LOVE THIS PART!!]”

    ow yeahh… now it already the 5th times (including me)….

    dun know, how i describe it with word… just dun get enough of hearing it…

    that part is way to perfect…

    btw i jst realized when i read the lyric, all of supercell songs…
    they all each got their story… AWESOOMMEE….

    (utakata hanabi.. hoshi ga matataku.. and this…)


  7. Hi!
    i hope you’re reading this catsubi, cause this is the only way i know how to ask, but i want to try and sing my own version of this song, i wanted to ask if you minded if i used your lyrics to do so! if not it’s okay i just wanted to ask first

    • Hey thanks for asking, you can do whatever you like with the lyrics, since really the lyrics belong to ryo haha. If you meant the translation then you can use it as you like, I don’t mind. If you remember, please show me your cover of the song when it’s done!! ^^

      • OK awesome! yea i meant the English lyrics, and i hope you like the cover! I’m new to this so it won’t be excellent, but hopefully not to bad.

      • OK it’s up! it’s nothing spectacular, but i think i did pretty OK, here’s the link

        i also have to other covers, matryoshka and Alice of human sacrifice, I’d love it if you listened to them and told me what you think. Thanks again and i hope it’s to your liking, i think it’ll probably be one of those i redo, but for now i thought it would be OK.

        • Ohh not bad! I never imagined the translation would fit into the song that well haha~ If you want you can try modifying the lyrics so that it fits the original better? Some of the lines I wrote may seem a bit long to cram into a line of the song xD Looking forward to more covers!

          • oh ok thanks! i’m glad you actually liked it! i didn’t want to change a thing because i thought you might not like it, but yeah if i do redo this on (cause i was in my dorm and the sound is bad!) i’ll probably do it with modified lyrics.
            Thanks again for the lyrics!

  8. hey again catherine it’s me again, did another cover! it’s to scissorhands this time and i just wanted to share it with you since you were helpful enough to let me use your english lyrics before. If you ever think of any songs you think i should sing for my vocal range please tell me i love singing these covers but never know which one is good for me!

  9. “It feels like this road we’ve walked on
    Is leading towards the future”

    I’ve always wondered what exactly she means when she says this. I’ve always thought it as her acknowledging the fact that, after high school, they’d have to go their own separate ways, but I’m not too sure. Does anyone know?

  10. Thanks *^*
    I love this song so much,and i cryied a lots with the translation.
    P.S. wakkanaiyo ~ i love this part too!
    This song is amazing!!

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