Unbore Me

It’s hot, I’m bored, and I feel like blogging.

The holidays have been pretty good, really relaxing. A couple of tearjerkers here and there but all in all, it’s all good. Aside from that, I’ve gained in the weight department.

A few of my holiday adventures were…

Finally meeting Charlie, Aubrey and Catherine.P’s bunny! Also caught up with Kim and Vi that day, and she gave me some presents she got for me from VN :D. Later on in the day だれかが私に告白した。Heh…

Next up was a friend’s birthday on Australia Day! He was someone I didn’t initially know until that day haha… but yeah it was fun 😀 Murphy turned me into a Tetris addict.

Some days later Murphy, Vi, Janina and I paid a last-minute visit to Kien’s house! Somehow we ended up out of petrol seconds away from the petrol station. Unfortunate… but it was fun 😀 I eventually got to visit my sweet MOOMOO THE CAT ❤ I know she loves me because she bites me.

Next up.. the most recent adventure was FOOTSCRAY LNY FESTIVAL!!!

I had a pretty awesome time promoting Optus [ironically, I’m currently with 3], handing out flyers with freebies and helium-filled balloons 😀 At first everything was a blur because I was running on no sleep, but before I knew it… WHEEEEE OPTUS BANZAIIIIIII~

Penguin Costumes!

New furniture for my Wifey and Daughter ;D

Freebie penguin and bean-bag.

Pikachu from Puppy and Puppy Dalmation from Jojo 😀

Rose that came with the Dalmation Pup… in an awesome vase ;D

Oh yeah I got a new bed.

The model is SE K660i ^^b.

My mum is coming back soon! Due to some miscommunications my brother and sisters and I thought that she’s coming back today… but she’s not… LAWL. Oops. Well we’ll be seeing mummy again soon!! ❤

Thanks for reading, bye-bee~


P.S – Life would be much easier if there were live subtitles… I can’t understand what people say sometimes TT^TT…


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