So… how goes life?


From that day onwards, I no longer follow the stream. I AM THE STREAM…lawlwhut.

So yeah most people who know me know that I am quite the idiot. However I am at my worst when I’m in like with someone. Shoot, I said it.

Recently I’ve picked up bike-riding as a means to get fit. I’ve been meaning to get a bike lock so I can travel around with it. However the only decent one I had found was a GREEN ONE which I refused to buy. ‘Cuz I hate the colour Green.

Out of boredom I drew up a mascot for my blog. Her name is Catsby and she’s a grey cat with light grey star-shaped patches on her cheeks.

Her hairpin was a complete Illustrator fluke from playing around with the stroke settings, but it worked well with the ‘wintersakura’ theme so I ain’t complaining… until I realized it reminded me of Inoue Orihime (Bleach) @#*@&#@^*^!!!!! >__>”

Anyways… AS I WAS DOING SOME EDITING ILLUSTRATOR FREAKING FROZE ON ME. I never learn to save my work, do I… Thank god for Print Screen. But now I lost the original file. Bananas.

OH YEAH BoA’S NEW ALBUM ‘IDENTITY’ IS FREAKING AWESOME. There’s a song called ‘Neko Love‘ in there. So awesome.

HMMM well that sums up everything that’s happened thus far… oh yeah my non-biological aniki is coming back tomorrow! Hope to see him then 😀 😀

Thanks for reading.


So… how goes life?

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