First Real Nightmare

I woke up not too long ago from what I would consider my first real nightmare.

I was scared, yet relieved for the first time that reality was better than the dream.

Looking back though, the story seems kind of stupid.

I was in the computer room. My mum came and picked up my results from uni. Apparently I had failed a unit, and she got so mad over it. She told me she invested so much in me, supported me, but she didn’t do it so I could get a fail in a single unit. She suddenly turned into an evil character of sorts, and threatened into locking me in so I can work harder for the failed unit. I think she was about to kill me as well, so I ran for it. She didn’t go after me. My friend, M, offered to help me. He helped me hide for a couple of days, until I returned home to see if there was any improvements. There hasn’t been any. I ran away from home yet again.

This was when I woke up for a brief moment. I shut my eyes again to remember as much of the dream as I could, as I didn’t want to forget it. As though there was a Play button in my dream, I pressed it to see what would happen next.

Unfortunately… or fortunately, I don’t remember what happened after I ran away for the second time.

I hope this isn’t a sign.

By the way, my mum is the best mum anyone can ever have. Considerate, caring, friendly and loving,  she knows especially how much of a pain uni is for me. She’s been through a lot, and despite her short and delicate stature, she has the strongest heart and mind that no one I know can compare to.



One response to “First Real Nightmare

  1. dat only nightmare..jus get over it…don’t ever tried 2 think bout dat..dat only make u feel scared..every mum in dis world is de bes mum..^_^

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