About time I ranted.

Finally have the energy to stay up past 11! ^^

Please remember that this is a rant blog, I’m not taking any complaints and shit you’d like to fire at me at how contradicting/wrong/mean I am. Not worth anything to someone who’s just letting out their anger and will move on afterwards anyway. Let this blog entry be a reminder to myself of one of the lessons I had to learn the hard way.

So yeah recently I’ve lost my phone. Or rather, it was stolen. Bananas!!! And what was the point of stealing my phone when they just SWITCHED IT OFF afterwards anyway? Waste of time fucking up someone else’s life. Unless you’d go the extra stretch to buy the charger, somehow unlock the SIM from the phone… but I doubt they were that smart so kudos to them for getting fucked when they get in touch with the cops. [And also the message the cops sent to my phone was received by ME rather than them when I renewed my SIM… so too late to catch them now GRARR]. Frankly I think the cops won’t help much because.. really there’s too much of the trashy kinds like that bitch around, it’ll be hard to narrow it down to one. . There were two other fat girls around who were her ‘friends’. Really, to me it looked like she was being bullied and pressured into stealing my phone. ‘Do that or we won’t be your friend’, that kind of shit. They’re still frackin’ kids so a stupid explanation is good enough for them. But hey in less than 18 hours I moved my number to another phone my mum gave me. That’s worth mentioning than how stupid I was to fall for a kid’s trick.

The ironic thing was.. I lent my phone out thinking if I do good for someone, one day when I really need help, someone would be there for me too, be that a random or a friend passing by at the right time. But after chasing the fuckers, and being threatened by them, I ran back to the station. There was one guy there. I asked if I could use his phone. He said ‘I have no credit’. Smart. Fucking smart. Fuck you, yet I don’t blame you since you just witnessed my phone get stolen. So much for karma. Luckily I remembered the payphone on the train platform – which didn’t work for me and swallowed my money when the call supposedly ‘didn’t go through’. I eventually called someone to pick me up and then they took me to the police station. And it pretty much ended there…

The lesson for me was… it’s a fucking mean world out there. I thought I had learnt this already but it NEVER ends. And also, karma is a fucking LIE. It’s just some ideal to get people to be nice to each other. I can honestly say that I thought I was being helpful by lending that fugly racist [yes, I have proof she’s fucking racist] bitch my phone, but things don’t work the way I thought it did for me – wasn’t there a saying that goes like.. you get what you receive? That’s full of shit. Ever since it happened, immense hatred grew inside of me. The world has become the worst place to be – everyone has become someone I am wary of. That moment I felt that everyone was against me, trying to test my patience. I glared at almost ‘every one of her kind’ that I saw, became more sensitive to my surroundings… and as an unrelated result, sensed who was actually looking at me with the racist eye. Live with it goddammit! We’re living on the same planet, countries and shit are just corrupted man-made bullcrap. There are other ways the world could have turned out after we’ve evolved from apes, but unfortunately humankind took the stupid way to the future.

Despite spending some amount of time cursing the rotten part of the world, I’ve actually spent more time being thankful to the people around me, who’ve helped me, taught me many things and worked around my flaws. It’s so true, even I’m still surprised at myself. After a good night’s sleep I’ve bounced back feeling better than ever and ready to enjoy the brand new day. I would like to thank everyone who has shaped/hammered/chiseled/sawed/bogged/sanded/milled/lathed/primed/painted/caliper’d/glued parts to me with cyanoacrylate.. my personality to be as it is today. I’m very happy with the way I am :]

So thank you, from the very bottom of my tiny, little heart 😀 ❤


And to you phone-stealing fuckers, how the hell do you live with yourselves?

P.S – The part in italics is a Modelmaking and Workshop Practice unit reference, a.k.a, IDE1502. This unit is offered at Monash University, Caulfield Campus, and I highly recommend it to non-industrial design students who’d like a taste of hell and sawdust :]


4 responses to “About time I ranted.

  1. Im sorry I never read this earlier. I am sorry that there are such people in this world. If you lose your trust in this world, please keep your faith in people. There are still good people in this world, they still exist, perhaps in minorities, but they still are out there, and you’ll never know it until you meet one =] Keep your chin up, this world is not completely void of good honest people yet.

    • Hey thanks for reading ^^. Hmm.. I guess I made a huge generalisation that ruled out the ‘good people’ out there completely. I’ve also realized there are worse things that could happen after learning of the human rights abuse and all in Vietnam etc. It almost makes me feel like I don’t have any right to complain about what happened to me *when consumerism goes wrong cough*. But yeah :] Thanks for your advice, always loved to hear them ^^b

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