I was having a talk with my brother. From our discussion, I have received the most awesome advice to date.

K – Well you gotta find a way out of this negativity when dealing with people like them.

C – *nods*

K – Think of.. flowers~ with a smily face on it


K – Nah I’m serious.. OK find something else.. you like.. kittens yeah?

C – *restrains excitement*

K – Well next time when in an argument… listen to what they have to say, but try make their words sound like how the icanhascheezburger cats talk.

C – HAHA..wait what? Won’t they get offended that I’m not taking them seriously?

K – Of course you only think of icanhascheezburger cats in your head. Then when they’re done talking you’d be taking what they say at a different perspective [since the way I used to auto-perceive what some people say often gets me enraged].

Haha so yeah, mess with me and I will gladly go all lolcat on your @$$. ^^

Another piece of advice, a bit more serious was given to me. I learned it over and over in art theory class, however I never applied it to real life because personally I reckon theory’s a load of magikrap.

‘If you disagree with something, question it. If you know you are right, continue to stand your ground and interrogate until there’s nothing for the other party to say. If something needs to be done and something’s stopping you from doing it, question the cause to see if they really think they’re right or can take responsibility for what they’re saying’

To end this entry [and continue with assignments.. heh] an old quote I came across in high school. Simple, almost cliche, but always gets me back.

‘Don’t worry what people think, they don’t do it very often’.



2 responses to “LOLCATS!

  1. haha I like the flowers with the smiley face bit. you seem to get along with your sibs very well. I’m somewhare jealous 😛

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