Patience is a Virtue

Waiting is wasting for people like me.

You still are blind if you see a winding road, ’cause there’s always a straight way to the point you see’

Akeboshi – Wind

Just needed something to balance out the rant posts below.. but I think this attempt hardly did anything :|… oh well.

On the bright side… NO MORE ESSAYS. Shame on me for using 3 references plus a dictionary, tally of 4, after borrowing 8 books from the library >___>”… some things just don’t make any sense. Something interesting happened in the last theory tutorial about ‘Cyberspace’ – everyone had to tell the class their porn star name LAWL. [porn star name = first pet name + street name].

As for Studio.. *insert rant inappropriate for people of ANY age* I’ve been taking out my anger on some aluminium poles with a hacksaw and a hammer 😀 That’s just an indication of how I’m being treated by Enjo, who are somewhat ‘sponsoring’ this project by launching stink bombs in one of our studios. Stink bombs in the form of cardboard boxes containing used cleaning cloths and products that have been sent back to the company once the customers are finished with them. It’s funny how the OH&S issue seemed to never have crossed the minds of whoever planned out this collaboration project.

Other than that my impossible project of a lawn mower is slowly turning into a reality. Just have to make it cut a few blades of grass and voila, it can call itself the legendary Enjo Lawn Mopper – because it uses old Enjo mop parts.

Product in-your-face is rather enjoyable at the moment.

As I kick back and relax, my little sister is studying for her Psychology SAC, on a Friday night. Shame on me.



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