Dreams – version 2010

A friend of mine had written a blog entry about his dreams from when he was young until now, and after reading it, I was inspired to write about my own dreams.

Going into detail, starting with grade Prep :]


Throughout my entire primary school years, all I wanted to be when I grew up was become a nun and teach little kids how to paint and make things. The reason behind it was that I was afraid of marriage… from such a young, single-digit age. At the time I thought being a nun was the only way to avoid marriage…


My older sister was a singer in a band, and when I went to watch her sing, I was drawn to the person behind the drum kit. So in grade 3 when I had to draw what I wanted to be when I grow up, I drew myself behind a drum kit – but I never took the time out for lessons. Of course being a nun was still part of my dream. A rockin’ nun was what I wanted to be LULZ..


By the time I got to high school the dream of becoming a rockin’ nun was then abandoned – probably because I went to a girls high school so there was no need to become a nun. Reality began to hit me – how am I going to live on my own in the future? Am I just going to rely on my family forever? So in year 9, I decided to drop nunhood, drummer/singer and artist for becoming an Optometrist. My family were very proud of my decision and I was committed to becoming a full-time nerd, Asian 5 subjects and 98.80 ENTER score and all. Not really.

NOW – Product Designer

At the start of year 12, I randomly flicked through a book from the art section of the school library, and came across a product design book. I decided that moment that I will become an awesome product designer.

I spent my lunchtimes in the studios working on Studio Arts and Visual Communication subjects. During assessment time I would concentrate on my folios and just wing Maths and English. After graduating, I anxiously waited for my results to see if I made it to my ‘dream course’, which was Industrial Design at Monash University.

Now here I am, in the course I’ve been wanting to get into for only a year, yet I felt this was where I belonged because all you do is design awesome things. But things didn’t run so smoothly as I’d hoped. After a few months into the course, I felt unmotivated and lost. I.D wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. Towards the end of first year I wanted to quit and take up hairdressing. My family encouraged me to stay in uni, and change courses if I want to – as long as I stay in uni.

I spent some time researching but it wasn’t long until I gave up looking for another course. I realised nothing was as exciting, creative mind-stimulating as well as exam-free compared to I.D. I have my fun times, my ragequit, artblock times and my headdesk-ing moments, but I’m still pulling through. Still, I’m not sure if I consider I.D becoming my dream job…

As for my dreams in life… I’m not so sure. Maybe I just want to spend my years working at some place. Maybe I just want to work and get a huge house and fill it up with adopted pets. Maybe I just want to live my life as it is with my family. Maybe I’ll spend my life traveling. I don’t know. Whatever it is, I’ll be doing it because I love it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear about your dreams too :]



3 responses to “Dreams – version 2010

  1. “Maybe I just want to work and get a huge house and fill it up with adopted pets.”

    Sounds like a Poke Ranch to me 😛

    Finding a dream job is hard to come by. A few years ago I wanted to be a 3D artist. Still sorta do but I lack the determination, skill and creativity to follow through with it. Now I’m an old badger heading into I.T. From what I’ve experienced, there will always be a hint of doubt about what you’re doing. There will always be a question about if you’re taking the right career path. I know I question myself constantly about this.

    You state that you’re ‘pulling through’ with uni. That’s a good sign in my books. If you’re able to continue with your studies in I.D then keep going. You might not see it now but later down the track you might reconsider about I.D being your dream job. I don’t really believe in dream jobs but I tend to consider them as jobs I’m comfortable with and can adapt to.

    Just reading through this comment realising it doesn’t make much sense. lol
    But whatever happens you’ve always got people supporting you and all the time in the world to decide what you want to do!

  2. Are you living the dream? I am. Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted to do was Draw and Make things, I wanted to call myself an Inventor. I am living the dream, not everyone can be so lucky to say that. Yesterday is a reference point, tomorrow is a distant hope, what are you doing with TODAY?

    • Looking at my situation now, I’m living my year 12 dream of becoming a product designer – the dream wasn’t inspired over many years, but rather through the *fateful* 5 minutes skimming through a book. Once I graduated, I wanted to work in Japan where all the weird-innovative products were.

      I guess I’m still under the impression that dreams are more light and fluffy, less sawdust and Enjo-like… LAWL. I’m learning that dreams are more of of the latter though, looking at athletes and all.

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