I got my tears back.

Creative title GET!

Apparently my emotions have overcome a drought. Watching Toy Story 3 had brought my tears back and I can now cry again :|… And if I cry once, the next few times are easily triggered by what I would normally consider trivial and would therefore feel indifferent to.

Today I was rather pissed off at the state of the world around me. I was sitting on the train home from work, all of the sudden thinking about some issues like guys taking advantage of girls, money, animal cruelty… it upsets that I can’t fix every one of these things myself, or even take another person’s matter into my own hands – it’s called butting in and all I’ll be is a nuisance. It’ll make things worse.

I could feel my eyes get teary as another passenger took a seat in front of me. After passing a few stations, I noticed that her eyes were red, and she was covering her mouth, with liquid leaking through her fingers… she was in the middle of puking… RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I wanted to move seats far away so badly but I didn’t want her to feel guilty.. I don’t know why I care about how she feels. So I moved one seat to my right to avoid any accidents, and rummaged through my bag for tissues. I gave her a few, she looked at me and mouthed ‘thank you very much’. I nearly cried. Usually I would think ‘what luck, I GOTTA GTFO’, but today I felt sorry for her. I felt grateful she was a polite stranger. Thankfully, she got off at the next station.

I hate it when I cry easily. I liked being the heartless jerk I usually am to compliment with the world.

ON A HAPPIER NOTE, UNI’S STARTING AGAIN *throws self into the sea*. Kind of looking forward to the brand new semester, and will take last semester’s lessons to heart – DO NOT MAKE A LAWN MOWER. Stupid uninspired thinking. But there’s one lesson I’ll refuse to learn…  if there’s a soccer match on between Australia v Japan before an assignment is due, I will not miss it for the world. The last time I put soccer before an assignment it nearly got me an instant fail…but on the bright side.. I GOT TO SEE KAWASHIMA STAND IN GOALS!! LIVE!!! IN PERSON!! HE WAS METRES AWAY FROM ME!! I FREAKING LOVE HIM.

Oh.. and I WORK NOW! In a Japanese restaurant! Although ages away from home, it’s still better than having nothing except ‘dressed as a penguin and advertised Optus’ on my resume. The kitchen staff found out today that I’m Vietnamese LAWL. Finally figured it out after a over a month of working there ahaha.. it was a given because I only talk Viet to the boss, and two other people.  IMO it was a hilarious chain reaction… One chef came up to me and ask ‘are you Vietnamese’, which I replied yes to. Then another came along and asked the same thing, and conversed a bit in Viet. Then the Viet half of the kitchen started talking Vietnamese to me. So I guess from now on I’ll be practicing my native language more often 😀

Anyways that will be all…My nose is running like a tap and I am craving sleep. Good night!



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