Final concepts for studio are due tomorrow and I’m in the mood to RAGEQUIT.

Everything’s happening on another person’s whim and I have to go along with it. Now doomed for everything that needs full concentration on. Why can’t all this wait until next month when I’m free for bloody 4 months!! What a pain in the ass.When I get to her age I hope I don’t become as useless as she is now.

I was hoping ranting here would make me feel better but nope, guess not. I’m still in the horrible mood I’ve been in for several long hours since I got home from uni.

It tears me apart to see you going through all that physical pain… but this solution is not the best. Bro shouldn’t have moved out, she should be working a PROPER job and they both should be helping you pay off your debt instead of worrying about their own lives with their full-time job paychecks. We should be more together, more united than ever in this time of crisis, but right now I’m hanging by the thread by myself, and you can’t do anything about it.

I don’t wanna fail in life like she did.



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