For the new  year, I’m not going to promise myself anything – no resolutions. I’m not going to force myself to achieve something because I’ll more likely do something stupid in order to keep up with my goals. For 2011 I just want to go with the flow, stay safe, and hopefully that isn’t too much to ask for.

2010 was full of regret – wishing I did better in uni, wishing that I did not do this or that, wishing that could have done more…and wishing I was someone different. Last year was also a year full of unexpected turnouts, in which I’ve lost a lot of things that were once dearest to me. Everyone had high expectations of 2010, even I did… but as it turns out, frankly 2010 sucked bad.

Take it easy on me, 2011. 🙂

Here’s a trivial tradition I’ve kept up with for a while. Each year I have a colour theme… but I don’t rush myself to pick that particular colour by New Year’s Eve. I only settle on a colour when I feel it’s “right”, as I usually decide on a colour before of after the New Year. So far…

2008 – Red
Just thought it’d be good to start with my favourite colour.

2009 – Purple
TAKAHIRO’s favourite colour. From what I gathered it’s the colour of his “lucky underwear” his mum got for him to wear at his audition, so I decided it would be my lucky colour too 😉

2010 – Yellow
It seemed like a happy colour, almost was like a wish for happiness for 2010… I was going through a Spongebob phase.

and finally, 2011 – White
The colour of a blank canvas, and a colour that closely relates to the meaning of my given name. Say if I am a beam of white light and I happen to walk into a piece of glass… BOOM, RAINBOW YAY.

Hmm I’m pretty happy starting off the year being a bit of a psycho. Happy 2011 everyone!



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