Sun Burns Down

Currently bored and listening t0 Jin Akanishi – Sun Burns Down on repeat. I don’t tend to listen to American/English/Australian/any sort of Engrish for that matter, but I guess I still have a soft spot for Jin since my high school days.

A few things I would like to ramble on about…


Designing on Microsoft Word is a SIN, much like Comic Sans is to the font family. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I remember typing up primary school homework and whatnot on Microsoft Word and used those horrible rainbow pixelated borders thinking that they were cool. And don’t get me started on WordArt and ClipArt – thank god for Google Images now eh? For the past week I have been editing my mum’s business cards that were produced on Word and it was so hard to work with :'(. If I had more time I would redo them on Illustrator or something to save myself some grief. Horrible horrible times.


This has been eating in my mind for a while, and I should let it out here before I barf it all out on an innocent person by accident. Those people who somehow get by life without doing anything: having all expenses paid for – and not even using it productively, having other people pay for your food/things you can’t be bothered buying yourself, always having people at your beck and call, always bitching and sulking about the smallest things, basically the spoilt ones out there… PLEASE STOP?! I really don’t know how to communicate with these kinds of people so maybe that was a little awkward, but I feel so bad for those who put up with you! I didn’t know someone could be so selfish and actually get away with anything just by giggling. You’re lucky to be surrounded by people who care about you [maybe because doing it/you gives them some weird sense of “satisfaction”] but please, you’re grown up, go work for a few months and learn how hard it is to earn money.


Sometimes you look at someone and you can see what they’ll be like in a c0uple of years. Graduated and working full time at the place they have always wanted to be in, simply living a successful life. Others pursuing something they love, or still working out what they want to do… I wonder what people see when they look at me. I try not to care cuz I always end up feeling horrible, but how else do I gauge whereabouts I am in life? Meep…


I love Peanut. I promised him that I will be spending more time with him over the holidays to make up for the times I wasn’t there for cuddles and food. During uni it would break my heart to hear him meow out to me and I had to rush off to uni.

I think I’m being a good mamacat…

Time to get back to… whatever I was trying to forget doing by procrastinating on here.



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