Brand New Map

I found a collection of creative writing that I did in year 10 (8 years ago). A lot of writing I did back then was generally about going through the teenage stages of life, but amongst them were… what I consider now to be the masterpieces of my younger years. My writing has come back to re-inspire me and show me the way back to being self confident about my work, when there were no wrong answers. Enjoy :).


Wednesday 28th August 2006

Brand New Map

I want to make something out of my life,
So I’ll start with ending all strife.
I’ll draw a map out of the air,
Including things to make the world fair.

A left turn to achieve my dreams,
Walking east to start new means.
Running west to make amendments,
Looking up to count all my achievements.

One look to the back for desert ranges,
Look to the front for future changes.
Two steps forward for motivation,
A thousand steps come to revelation.

A stop to rethink priorities,
What comes first, what comes in the twenties.
A pause to get through obstacles,
Things in life can get a little bit subtle.

Show what I’m made of at checkpoints,
To let them know that I’m not spoilt.
I’ll fight to construct my creations,
Nothing will get in the way of my intuition.

It’s never too late to start,
Your life is made of what you carve.
Through roundabouts and winding roads,
A heart and mind stays true and bold.

I’ll be on my way.

Catherine Nguyen
Class: 10 Catherine


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