I found a collection of creative writing that I did in year 10 (8 years ago). A lot of writing I did back then was generally about going through the teenage stages of life, but amongst them were… what I consider now to be the masterpieces of my younger years. My writing has come back to re-inspire me and show me the way back to being self confident about my work, when there were no wrong answers. Enjoy :).


Wednesday 6th September 2006


I am the rain that falls onto the trees
To give them life
Just sun will not suffice

I am the rain that falls into the rivers
For the fish to swim
Or for people to use as a bin

I am the rain collected in tanks
So people can drink
Or to rinse in the sink

I am the rain that falls in the reservoir
Taken to houses when plenty
No use to anyone if empty

I am the rain that runs through taps
With a purposeful use
Or just for waste and abuse

I am the rain that falls on the ground
In puddles is where I can be found
Before I make my way back to the clouds

I am the rain that connects the earth to the sky
Eternally separated as the years drift by
With lingering hope, I wish for this:
To bring the people’s hearts together
That peace and calm will remain forever

Catherine Nguyen
10 Catherine


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