So I Quit My Job…

I was officially there for 1 year and 2 days.

And I was expecting this wave of relief to overcome me.

But it didn’t happen! Instead I dived straight into research and planning what’s going to happen next in my life.

I didn’t quit out of the blue – quitting has actually been on my mind for a long time. A few of the factors that lead to myself acting upon my decision were:

1. The retail world is full of dumbasses.

I’m serious. I worked under someone who does not how to do simple maths, lacked common sense, inefficient – everything you DON’T look for in a job posting. They claimed to have had 20 years of retail experience – doing what exactly? I was told that I work heaps better and I’ve only been in retail for one year. Fun fact: while I had to work my ass off for a secure place in the roster amongst nearly 40 people [team got cut down to 5 people from 40], they secured a salary through bullshitting an interview. I had to get out of there before I turned into a total idiot.

2. My boyfriend’s manager was worried about my design career.

Quite sad that it took someone else’s manager to tell me that I need to put more time and effort into sorting myself out and finding out what I really wanted to do. He could tell from a glance that I hated retail when I told him what I was doing. A lot of his advice stuck with me from that single encounter. He said, and I paraphrase, “If you’re not stressing over something when you get home and have the time to play games, watch movies, something’s not right.” I guess it really hit home… but I still do love my gaming time.

3. When my area manager said I was “just mucking around”.

I had a lovely chat with my area manager and he asked me if I was studying. I said no, I graduated a while back. He asked if I was working elsewhere. I said no. He said “So you’re just mucking around then?”. I wanted to throw whatever was in my hand at him. But it really hit me how true it was. How long was I gonna float around for? FYI, he resigned two months before I did.

4. When I designed a logo for a friend’s online baby clothing store.

Whilst I was still employed, I whipped up a character for a friend to use as his logo. It was the most fun I had in a while doing something design related. I didn’t even want them to pay me for it, I just had lots of fun with it. And it got me thinking… this is something I’m willing to do for free… whilst my job requires the idea of a weekly payslip to drag me out of bed for work. Hmm…

5. The amount of time I spent complaining about work.

Well this relates to point #1 up there but yeah, I did find most of my free time was dreading and complaining about work with my colleagues and my boyfriend. My work-life balance was whacked up because there was that much to be stressed out about. Although being able to vent it out was good and relieved a lot of pressure, it started to become an recurring cycle.

6. Stocktake in fast moving consumer goods retail sucks. BALLS.

Period. Never going through that again.

7. Potential business opportunity.

I had a random chat with my brother and he had a business idea which coincided with mine. It was something I wanted to do but had little confidence to achieve it on my own. Maybe it’ll work out this time, with his support. AND no, it’s not anything dodgy like pyramid schemes. It’s still design related :).

That’s it for the massive spontaneous update on where I’m headed in life. I’m glad I was able to leave on relatively good terms with management so I’m left with no regrets.

Thanks for reading!



2 responses to “So I Quit My Job…

  1. I’m sorry i missed this blog update from a while ago!

    You’ll be fine Cat, if you’re not feeling like you’re making progress, it could help to take a step back and reassess where you want to be heading 🙂

    It’d be good for you to work on some design projects, or get involved with design communities and things =D perhaps even volunteering in something more career-relevant would be a great thing to do 🙂

    We’re due for a catch up someday soon xD but whatever you choose to do and work on, taking a small break never hurts and I hope you find something you love to do and can work towards a career you like 😉

    • Hey Elton! Sorry for the late reply. I’m still figuring out what I want to do. I get so close to figuring it out and then the idea just dies. Each time that happens I lose confidence in the next thing that comes to mind. It’s kinda a vicious cycle but I hope it’ll get me somewhere eventually haha.

      But yes we should catch up soon 🙂

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